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About Draig Balm

Draig Balm was initially formulated as a warm up rub, however according to our customers it's a lot more (see testimonials).

Formulated with WelshClay and 7 Essential Oils 'Draig Balm can Stand Alone in Any Field'.

Benefits of WelshClay.

Due to its high Iron content, WelshClay helps to add oxygen to the blood and improves its circulation.

Iron is essential for human life, as it is a key part of various proteins and enzymes, involved in the transport of
oxygen and the regulation of cell growth and differentiation, among many other uses.


One of the most important roles of iron is to provide hemoglobin (the protein in red blood cells), a mechanism
through which it can bind to oxygen and carry it throughout your tissues, as without proper oxygenation, your
cells quickly start dying.


If you have too little iron, you may experience fatigue, decreased immunity or iron-deficiency anemia, which can be serious if left untreated. This is common in children and premenopausal women.

WelshClay is used to Clean and Care for Skin.

Kaolin clay has been traditionally used in caring, nourishing, and soothing different skin types.

Currently, kaolin is one of the major active ingredients in most of the facial and skin products, body powders, deodorants, scrubs, and poultices.

WelshClay can be used alone or in combination with other products.

WelshClay can be effectively used to care for wet and oily skin. It can be applied on the skin as a dusting powder or in a wet dressing and left for sometimes until dry then washed out.

WelshClay works by reducing the production of sebum. This makes the oily skin to remains smooth and dry.

The 7 Amazing Essential Oils in Draig Balm:


Black pepper Essential Oil

Tumeric Essential Oil

Camphor Essential Oil

Cajeput essential Oil

Clove  Essential Oil

Wintergreen Essential Oil

Ginger Essential Oil


Draig Balm

  Long Lasting, Drug Free  Formular.

Draig Balm is used on Stiff Aching Muscles.

We Recomend you Smear Draig Balm onto Muscles,
Before Exercise to Ease Tight, Stiff Muscles and
Help Speed Up the Recovery Period.

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